I like Allie but I have to skip the phone conversations. Why film that? haha


It’s been really great seeing @kiyoshimuto again on this tour. I’m glad he’s finding himself and where he wants to be and do. Good guy. Fond memories.

yeah what happened to yoshi? :(

I think today’s vlog was very important and I fully enjoyed it. It’s so nice to see people, multiple people in each city come up to Charles. They’re either crying or they say “this is the best day of my life” or “you’ve saved my life” and I think that last one is really important. 

People can talk shit all day every day about Charles and his life choices but at the end of the day, if you have literally saved someone’s life (maybe more than once) then I say FUCK it to all the haters. 

It’s nice to see a positive side to the CTFxC whereas in the comments section, here on tumblr, on his twitter you see nothing but hate and shit and today’s vlog just reminded me that there are still good CTFxCers out there. People who genuinely want Charles to be happy and want the best for him. 

Man, I just really liked today’s vlog. 


Welcome to the CTFxC with Lots of love, Allie!


Jokes aside I honestly cat do this without you guys. Jerks come and go but the true people weather the str@. by charlestrippy

what was his caption saying? o.O haha


My little sister @melissatrippy surprised me at our Portland show. Naturally I have to be the big brother and do this.


heading to Vidcon!! I have a panel today at 3:30 and we the kings plays tonight!! See u there! by charlestrippy


New day, new opportunity, new start. Nothing but love 🐲✌️❤️🍕! (Pic by @josiahvandien) by charlestrippy

Unpopular opinion time: I'm not mad at Charles for what he said.


Everything said was true. Alli was out drinking and partying and traveling while Charles was stuck at home. They were MARRIED. She needed to physically and mentally BE THERE for him. You can’t do that if you’re drunk or in Japan. Sure, Charles shouldn’t have said that on the internet. But it goes…

I agree with this. There was always something about Alli that rubbed me the wrong way.

I still support Charles and I’m happy to be apart of the CTFxC and I’m going to stay away from the drama. It’s gotten ridiculous. 

Plus this blog is not going to contain the drama either so any more asks/questions/comments/buttheads I get will be deleted without even being responded to. 

I don’t want to be apart of this. I’ve said my peace. That’s all there is to that. 

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