Help out this fellow CTFxCer. Shes trying to make a birthday video for charles. Reblog/tell the rest of the CTFxC (just dont leave it as a comment on a vlog… we dont want charles finding out!)

Unpopular opinion time: I'm not mad at Charles for what he said.


Everything said was true. Alli was out drinking and partying and traveling while Charles was stuck at home. They were MARRIED. She needed to physically and mentally BE THERE for him. You can’t do that if you’re drunk or in Japan. Sure, Charles shouldn’t have said that on the internet. But it goes…


If your way of defending Charles from hate is by telling people to kill themselves or that you hope they die, there is something seriously wrong with you. Yes sending hate is bad, but telling people to end their own life or that you hope something happens to them that causes their death is worse…


Charles’s new tattoo

Felt it appropriate.


The serious talks are honestly my favorite part in the vlogs. Hasn’t been many of those lately, so I loveddd today’s video so much. Reminded me just how fucking much I love Charles.

Such a shame that he has to keep addressing this. If you don’t like Charles or the vlogs anymore than leave quietly. I agree he moved on fairly fast but it’s his life and we can’t control it.


  • allie seems really freaking cool
  • charles seems really happy
  • it’s not my life and i can’t control his decisions
  • i’m not gonna get upset over something i can’t control because that is a waste of my time
  • i personally do think it’s too early but w/e because
    what a concept

That moment when…