The serious talks are honestly my favorite part in the vlogs. Hasn’t been many of those lately, so I loveddd today’s video so much. Reminded me just how fucking much I love Charles.

Such a shame that he has to keep addressing this. If you don’t like Charles or the vlogs anymore than leave quietly. I agree he moved on fairly fast but it’s his life and we can’t control it.


  • allie seems really freaking cool
  • charles seems really happy
  • it’s not my life and i can’t control his decisions
  • i’m not gonna get upset over something i can’t control because that is a waste of my time
  • i personally do think it’s too early but w/e because
    what a concept

That moment when…

starting to kinda feel what everyone is feeling about the vlogs. I like allie, but I don’t like how it’s just “her, her, her” all the time. They have gotten slightly boring but I do understand he’s on tour and can only do so much but…idk. 

Are you Struggling? Come talk to me!

today’s clip on the phone with allie was at least a minute long. I skip it. always. :( I hate that I skip it, but it’s just boring and awkward. 

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hellobeachbombshell: Hey do you know where charles got his travel neck pillow?

uhm I think he got it in some airport. You can always check Target and places like that, I know they have them in their travel sections. 

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Saw a comment on today’s vlog that kinda made me chuckle and no hate towards charles at all but the commend said something like “don’t spend any money on you? but you want us to buy your shirts.” 

lol I’m sorry, I found it kinda funny. :/

I like Allie but I have to skip the phone conversations. Why film that? haha